Met my bud, Bruce, at the Chevron on Gowen Rd off I-84
for our 9am ETD that August 30th, 2009.

Map of route to Jordan Valley

Gowen Rd west onto southbound Pleasant Valley Rd where,
just before the first curve, we spotted 4 M1A1 tanks on left
shoulder of road with Hummers and such on the right shoulder
along with a flagger. Pretty cool sight!

A right onto Kuna-Mora Rd then Cloverdale south, Poen west,
Swan Falls north, Kuna Cave west, Robinson south, Dickman
west, Can-Ada south, Baseline west, Hill south, Ferry west,
and SH-45 south to Walters Ferry for fuel.

Done, south on SH-45, north on SH-78 then west on Sommer
Camp which had lots of gravel in the 10mph curves to T of
US-95 where we cut south to the Old Basque Inn down in
Jordan Valley. Pretty windy out there!

Parking lot at Old Basque Inn with Bruce

Old Basque Inn in Jordan Valley

Entrance to Old Basque Inn

Had a really nice brekkie consisting of coffee, 4 long, thick
slabs of bacon, two eggs overhard, and two big, fluffy buttermilk
pancakes. My tab was $7 for the meal, $1 for coffee plus tip.
Bruce was the same although he had an omelett.

Our server was a very attractive young woman with a pierced
lower left pin below her lip. The small bar opens around 4:30pm.

Tub of flowers outside Old Basque Inn

Took a couple of pics with my Blackberry then we split to the
Rockhouse which was at west end of town on south.

Hadn't been to Jordan Valley for *3* years. The Chevron is gone.
Just an empty station. Sahara Motel, behind the old Chevron, is
deserted with weeds growing out of the parking lot.

There were two other motorcycles parked at Rockhouse. A blue
M50 and a brand new silver Wee-strom. M50 guy from Boise
while the Wee-strom rider is from Santa Cruz. He got the bike
at Carl's as their price was a heck of a lot better than the dealers
in his region. He split to CA while the other guy returned to Boise.

Rockhouse in Jordan Valley

We ordered a couple of small mochas at $2.50 each, and chilled
outside on the chairs for awhile watching the world go by. Man,
it's a quiet town!

We returned via same way except for taking Hill south and Warren
Spur east to Can-Ada on way back to the Gowen Rd Chevron. Bruce
got 43mph while I got 39mpg thanks to doing 75mph much of the way
on tires that were 5 psi low.

This was a pretty nice change of pace, the Owyhee Canyonlands,
as opposed to heading north most of the time. Spring/early summer
and maybe early Fall, but not during the triple digits.

Jordan Valley - Heart of the Owyhees.